Football Pitches Of Irregular Shapes

When it was thought that the world of football couldn't get any crazier, the world's first non-rectangular football fields are constructed in the community of Khlong Toei, a densely populated area of Bangkok (Thailand). Though for very different reasons as those that currently plague the football news headlines world over, it really is quite weird (but very cool) to think that football can be played on a non rectangular field.

Essentially a series of play areas, this project has been planned and constructed by AP Thailand and seeks to explore the possibility that present-day vacant asymmetrical spaces can be redeveloped, not just for slum buildings, but for outdoor recreation. In collaboration with CJ Worx, a Thai digital agency, everyone involved hopes that the project will help enhance relationships among the people in the community, and bring prosperity to the slum areas, let alone provide potential and a benchmark that can be copied across the world's poorest of nations.

In an unorthodox setting that redefines the boundaries of the conventional 105m x 68m rectangular pitch that you'd more regularly find at your local park, or Anfield (England), these Thailand-special sports pitches have truly transformed irregularly-shaped 'dead-spaces' into practical football fields, all in all questioning the limits of urban environments. Really, can " can change one's life?"

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Photography credit : APThai

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