Mini Classic Sees Electric Upgrade

Having announced Mini's ambition for their electric cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2017, the brand's renown quirkiness has struck again as they now introduce this same technology to their much-adored original miniature Mini. Introducing electric technology beneath the bonnet of the design-classic, the 'classic MINI electric' showcases the 'best' combination of tomorrow's technology, fusing the electric driving experience with their oh-so exciting go-kart drive. Having debuted this week previous at the New York International Auto Show, this advancement has been lauded by many as a strong commitment by the brand (and the potential of others) to create sustainable mobility with particular reference to the urban environment.

Anticipating the near-future of electro-mobility, Mini's almost effortless ability to introduce charisma is set to make the technology's wider adoption become more mainstream as every brand continues to push electric-motor's benefits and 'fashionableness'. Mini's Electric Concept of 2017 is hoping to become mass-produced by 2019 as a purely electric drive, and by this time, Mini expect their car designs to be equally advanced in modernness away from the Mini Classic.

Focussing on this Mini classic in question, the renown body shape has little altered from its retro colourwork and boxy-compact shape, nor lack of distinctive detail offerings. Updated to include Mini's Electric emblem on the car bonnet, side panel and wheel's alloy, there really is little difference from 40 years ago - oh, except the motor doesn't quite sound the same, but we all know that. Discover more about the Mini Electric Concept at:

Photography credit : Mini
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