The Graviky Labs Pollution Ink

This world needs innovators, and this start-up is one. Indian by origin, the new company is seeking to transform carbon emissions that are omitted from vehicles and chimneys into actual pen ink, then reselling the material as pens. A re-use initiative at it's best, SATORI & SCOUT can certainly think of many applications.

The Graviky Labs group constitutes of MIT Media Lab graduates, and together the group have developed a cunning method for re-using air pollution and creating the then non-polluting liquid material. As the team explain, "...over the last 150 years, mankind has depended on burning fossil fuels directly or indirectly for their energy needs. Research has shown that many premature deaths are directly related to soot in the environment." SATORI & SCOUT are highly sure that you already are aware of such an issue with the world, but "...particle exposure leads to around 20,000 premature deaths in America each year. [As such,] our vision is to arrest the vehicular soot in a way that it doesn't reach our lungs."

Naming the project Air Ink, the particles that constitute the ink's make-up originates from un-burned carbon soot that is emitted from car exhaust pipes, chimneys and generators. Via the removal of heavy metals and carcinogens, the final ink product that is created is a carbon-rich pigment, one that is perfectly suitable for writing your most beautiful of stories. Assisting such innovation, a Kickstarter was successfully raised in a bid to bring this project to life and the project can now proceed in it's creation of such safe, refillable, high-quality, water resistant markers and screen printing ink. As stated by The Graviky Labs, " using 30ml of AIR-INK, you can negate 45 minutes worth of pollution."

Discover more about the new fixings online at: The Graviky Labs

Photography credit : The Graviky Labs

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