CONE Mouse, Ergonomically Sensical

Who'd have thought a mouse has to be pebble-shaped and accompanied with a cable, let alone small mammal-shaped with a tail. Introducing probably the world's first non-pebble shaped mouse (for the computer, not an evolutionary development), CONE has been designed by Inyeop Baek and has attempted to simplify the computer mouse indefinitely - SATORI & SCOUT are quite found of our conventionally pebble-shaped mouse, though.

Hearing out it's benefits, CONE offers a primary clicker that boasts a long surface area that is accessible by two fingers, and promises a scroller that rests beneath the thumb in a 'more comfortable manner' than it's conventional placement.

Aiming to be a more minimal yet accessible interpretation of the mouse you use probably every day, would you make the switch? Hows your middle scroller doing today? Though the design is clearly a step away from all things conventional, it's extreme ergonomic premise boasts real-human inputs and design alignments; the CONE simply better aligns to the hand's more natural curvature, and essentially, all it's normal functions still exist, just residing in a pyramidal way. Compatible with Bluetooth and with normal sensor technology (no, there is no rollerball underneath - pun only intended if we called mice 'cats', which we don't), is it worth an adoption? Discover more about the design graduate at: 

Photography credit : Behance
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