Luxury Grovemade Speakers Hit High Note

Grovemade are a brand of what matters, in conclusion. No, not quite the end of the article just yet, but SATORI & SCOUT categorically cannot think of a more genuine brand than Grovemade across the world. Offering absolutely everything that is great about being Handmade In America, Grovemade consists of a 20 strong team of people that just love their jobs and lives, and always encourage exploration and anything to provide high spirits. With authentic design and manufacturing meeting Grovemade's genuine transparencies, it is perhaps apt that their new speaker design is equally as high on SATORI & SCOUT's wishlist as their desk and accessories solutions, as previously featured.

In collaboration with industrial designer Joey Roth, Grovemade have harnessed the superior acoustic properties of wood to create a clear and nuanced sound solution. CNC Machined out of solid maple or walnut wood (SATORI & SCOUT personally feel maple is the more minimalist colour choice), the speakers are mounted on leather clad stainless steel stands, and the whole combination just works so well.

As Joey Roth explains, "...My goal in voicing the speaker was clarity with a hint of warmth. My bias is always towards revealing the source rather than dressing it up." Certainly a design that illustrates how speakers work rather than 'dressing them up', Grovemade announced that the speakers are the most challenging-to-make product of theirs yet and being crafted individually one at a time in Portland (USA), hours upon hours of hand forming and machining are required to create that sumptuous product design shape that you will enjoy.

Driven entirely by acoustics, the speakers feature an elegant horn " boost the speaker's low frequency response without the group delay and phase distortion inherent to the more common bass reflex enclosure, allowing for the removal of digital signal processing creating clear sound unencumbered by interference," Grovemade explains. In addition, the speaker driver is able to reproduce almost the entire frequency range, and inside the speaker's shape there are no parallel walls or flat surfaces, inspired by concert halls and how their lack of geometry eliminates sound distortion. Complete with two high quality reverse-side input jacks and the smooth textured finish of the wood, Grovemade's speakers are just great.

Hitting the nail once again as they often do with all their releases, SATORI & SCOUT are confident the speakers are well worth their money for their quality nevermind mentioning that they're handcrafted. Adding visual appeal to any desk space, mantelpiece or TV set, the simplified speaker system takes everything back to basics but continues to exhibit that all so exciting and expected Grovemade flair.

Perhaps a cut above most speakers from a visual point of view, SATORI & SCOUT think you shouldn't at all underestimate the brand for their sound quality either. Despite not being a dedicated acoustic / media brand such as another one of our favourites, Bang and Olufsen, Grovemade's entry into the market is certainly a welcome one, and indeed a smart move for the brand so synonymous with quality desk and lifestyle accessories.

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Photography credit : Grovemade

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