Meandering Optical Illusion Of Vilnius

The Vilnius Street Art Festival is an annual celebration that began in 2013 and has been showcasing some really unique installations and art pieces ever since. Attracting some big artists from across the world, placemaking agency Studio Vieta specialise in offering innovative art projects for any occasion be it attempts to engage a community, diversify a city, engage with a brand or taking part in festivals, and this year has collaborated with artist Liudas Parulskis to design a piece that certainly had everybody's heads turning.

Creating artwork that is printed on Vilnius' (Lithuania) trolleybuses, of which the city's bus population is renown as being very high given the world's advances to more modern options, Parulskis' designs have been more than noticed. An optical illusion that passes by everyone on a day to day basis as the fleet of buses meander through the cityscape, a perspective image of Tumo Vaizganto Street has been printed on both of the bus' sides. Though largely non-contextual along all other streets whereby it is when the bus aligns perfectly at the crossroads of this particular intersection where the artwork really comes to completion, the street scene arguably works in many places throughout the urban landscape.

Disappearing by way of camouflage into the landscape beyond, the composition always makes you second glance and the capturing of this special trolleybus among the city's varying crossroads is certainly far beyond the usual plethora of noisy advertising boards that are commonplace on buses these days.

Capturing a unique moment in time, view more shots online at

Photography credit : Studio Vieta

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