Note Book That Solves All Issues

So it's a notebook. Yes, just a notebook. Providing a simple solution to a highly common issue, this pencil note book is and probably will always be the simplest of designs SATORI & SCOUT ever features.

Designed by Chengtao Yi Studio, this super neat solution is one that addresses an all too common annoyance that we're confident you have experienced many times before. Given that there is usually a lack of clip on common pencils, the storage of the writing instrument is inevitably away from a notebook. Such is this design, the notebook can easily accommodate a single pencil safely within the notebook's cover, giving you easy access at all times to that pencil that would otherwise be found at the bottom of your bag. Without any more rooting among your carefully packaged bag(s) for that pencil that has slipped down, you can quickly make a sketch there and then with this Pencil Note. The bulge that houses the pencil within the cover is designed to be slightly off-centred so that you can have multiple notebooks stacked upon each other.

Via a frosted and translucent cover, an added design quirk of the Pencil Note is that the pencil also acts as a 'health bar' to the amount of lead and blank pages remaining. Assuming of course that the number of pages left is proportionate to the amount of lead used, the quirk is obviously dependent on you continuing with the same pencil throughout, but there should be no escuses not to when such a simple design offers such a simple solution to a first world problem.

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Photography credit : Chengtao Yi

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