Introducing The (Super-Smart) BlackBerry KEY2

Remember Blackberry? They're formally back, back for good. SATORI & SCOUT recently wrote a Blackberry KEY1 article and the tech company are now ready to launch their like-for-like upgrade. SATORI & SCOUT were that impressed by the KEY1 that all our studio members are actually Blackberry users now - some with the KEY1 phone model that featurse the classic QWERTY keyboard whilst some play caution to the wind and have the more familiar touchscreen kind of smartphone (The Blackberry Motion, in case you're interested).

The once super-popular phone manufacturer used to have a monopoly in selling smartphone devices with its famous QWERTY keyboard equally-popular across many demographics from young to old, male and female. Thate said, the rise of iOS and Android saw the fall of Blackberry, and it is with great pleasure that SATORI & SCOUT are seeing the technology company making strides back to regaining market share. Now offering disruptable technology - who'd have thought we'd say that about a QWERTY keyboard(?) - the even newer KEY2 Blackberry promises such a good run for its money against the likes of Apple or Samsung et al. Are you a former Blackberry fan? SATORI & SCOUT reckons the brand will be picking up old adopters and laggards (and all the other consumer buzzwords) in no time.

With a design somewhat similar to the previous KEY1, Blackberry have continued to push forward it's distinctively Blackberry aesthetic. Whilst the KEY1 provided so many Blackberry fans a remedy in seeking a 2017/8-technology phone with it's famous physical keyboard, the KEY2's main improvement is it's hardware and reliability. Now with bumper kick in it's internal engine - a Qualcomm® SDM 660, Kryo 260 Octa-Core 2.2 GHz and 6GB worth of RAM (in layman terms, very, very powerful) - and added security on it's external frame - impact resistant Corning® Gorilla® glass and a lightweight aluminum alloy frame (very durable, basically) - it is hard to decide whether it is what is on the inside or it's outside which appeals more.

Now slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the KEY2 is a really smart phone (pun intended) and a notable design quirk that isn't always noticeable to the eye is that the keyboard actually performs scroll actions just like as if it were a conventional touchscreen. Feeling and looking everything not Apple as much as it acts like an Apple-generation smartphone, the Blackberry has considered every single corner towards the overall aesthetic whilst giving the user the utmost control over back-lighting and various other screen performance aspects.

Super cool in matt black or space grey with lots of subtle detailing from a design perspective, the Blackberry KEY2 is really sophisticated in a business sense as much as it is in a fashion sense. It's textured rear-side soft-grip backing is but one example of how Blackberry have attempted to merge luxury and modernism.

Featuring a 12-megapixel, dual-rear camera, document scanner (remember Blackberry is meant to be a 'work phone' after all) and many more awesome in-built apps and perks, one thing particularly important in today's day and age is security and of course, this phone is packed with Blackberry's signature security. As Alex Thurber of BlackBerry's Mobility Solutions explains, "BlackBerry offer the world's most secure Android smartphones. We design them for security from the inside out". Entirely focused around personal security and protecting sensitive user data, apps and your content, suchlike is entirely on-agenda with GDPR etc so often talked about these days. Keep up the good work Blackberry, your former fans will be back soon and you've already converted SATORI & SCOUT as supporters. Do note, however, many smartphone users will feel the resistance from migrating away from Apple or Samsung at the time of their next upgrade and this is a huge shame as we genuinely love the Blackberry Key2 and could not recommend it any higher... Discover more about the smartphones and purchase online at:

Photography credit : Blackberry
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