Levitating Vinyl Player Of Floating Sound

It can never be doubted that vinyl is definitely enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent times with many music high street stores now offering the music-storage-type for consumer purchase, though many do still see it as dated technology. Whilst many classic-minded people absolutely love vinyl players and everything the music system has to offer, SATORI & SCOUT (and the designers of the Mag-Lev, of course) have often thought is there a way to make the music-type even more contemporary?

Far from dated for the designers behind Mag-Lev, this "levitating turntable" is a gravity-defying record player that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. SATORI & SCOUT are regular fans of various Kickstarter campaigns, seeing the platform as a fantastic avenue for discovery for many small-scale ideas, yet this levitating turntable is surely more than just a small-scale idea, and in fact a design of the future. Visually appealing, the player sees it's platter float above the table, and such a small change from the otherwise traditional design classic has made this music-type surely appeal to the fine gentlemen, people of younger ages or those that simply see suchlike as dated technology?

Searching for a newer way to experience vinyl record, Mag-Lev have been able to metaphorically and literally integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design, and as such, the truly futuristic appearance provides entertainment in itself for even the most non-technologically minded person. Pre-fitted with a tonearm and cartridge, simply pick your favourite record, turn the turntable on, move the tone arm into it's required position, lower the cueing lever and then let the smart-record player do the rest.

Complete with subtle orange lighting to give the turntable a sleek, futuristic feel, the Slovenian audio team achieved more than just magnetic levitation, maintaining the precise turning of the platter via sensor regulating software. With air offering the smoothest medium of the least amount of friction available, everything just works so well. Discover more and support the brand at Kickstarter.com.

Photography credit : Mag-Lev

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