Sticky Noting Your Day With Wemo

The keenest of our readers will undoubtedly recognise that our favourite of designers are those Scandinavian, however close behind in second are probably the Japanese. Known for their playful inventions no matter how formal the solutions need to be - you must have seen their typical cartoon graphics - it is their continual enthusiastic intrigue into design that is particularly impressive.

We all know that writing memos are useful and in your mind it's origins probably stem back to your school days of needing to write something on your wrist to remember that day; designed by Kenma, their new wemo (wearable memo) brand is really quite creative. Wanting to return back to the good old days of pen and pencil and particularly overcome the dependency we now have on phones (no doubt your smartphone does have it's own note app anyway), this quick-access solution is sure to hit a high note on any designer's eye as much as any user's daily needs. Besides, do you ever actually read back at memos you write in your smartphone app anyway, of or have you forgotten about it the moment the document is saved?

Allowing you to jot down notes and keep them with you in continual sight is wemo. Essentially a reusable sticky note that you can always carry with you rather than simply leave on the side of your fridge, wemo is made from silicone that is finished with a particular special coating to enable you to write with ballpoint pens - yes pens! Then erasable by any conventional means such as a rubber, the pen's notes will stay there forever until removed, even up against water. Available as a tablet surface on your laptop or as the case of your smartphone, jot away!

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Photography credit : Wemo

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