Ikea (Finally) Launches Eneby Speakers

SATORI & SCOUT have well-documented the continued rise in home audio brands' popularity, and now too, the Scandinavian furniture behemoth has joined the group. Whether part of the elite audio or the affordable audio segments is yours to decide, but this move certainly feels right despite speakers being a non-obvious furniture type.

Titled Eneby, IKEA's first venture into audio products sees the launch of Bluetooth-enabled speakers available in two different sizes. Featuring fabric-covered front panels with a super-simple circular dial located in the top right, there is no more complication than a small single light to indicate the device's power. As you might expect, these IKEA speakers are designed to fit dimensionally into their other furniture ranges - wall-mounted or upon a flat surface - and yes you guessed right, the main one of those other ranges are the famous Kallax or Eket storage systems (doesn't everyone own an Eket shelving unit?).

As Evanthia Nikoglou, sales leader for lighting and electronics at IKEA UK and Ireland, explains: "...the new Eneby range is incredibly exciting for us. Sound, just like light, is an important part of creating an atmosphere within the home. It is able to bring a space to life and give it soul which is why we've turned our attention to sound and created IKEA's first ever speakers." Available in three colourways - black, grey and white - don't expect these speakers to become pride of place in any living room, but instead, hide subtly within the bookshelves.

Accompanied with a handle and battery pack, these speakers are perfect for on the go - perhaps in your back garden? Priced at £45 and £80 depending on size, can you go wrong? Discover more about and purchase online at: Ikea.com

Photography credit : Ikea

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