Vespampare and (Vespa 946) RED : 2 New Releases

When you think of classic Italian design, whether fashion, food, automotive or otherwise, SATORI & SCOUT are quite sure that Vespa would be a brand name high on the agenda. With the company's first scooter launching back in 1946, the brand has just celebrated their 70th year milestone and no doubt there are seventy years plus more left in their tank (pun intended). Moving forward into the new era of electric vehicles, it is perhaps no surprise that the latest design to surface from their design department is an electric one. Named the 'Vespampare', this vehicle has been designed by Giulio Iacchetti and is a reinterpretation of the classic 98cc Vespa scooter bike. Proudly featuring an electric motor and a cantilevered seat that looks absolutely fantastic - today and probably in fifty years -, this scooter is beautifully slim, svelte and arguably styled as futuristic as it is retro.

Rooted to Vespa's tradition, this scooter represents more than just relying on Vespa's classic branding and is a modern interpretation of modern needs: ergonomic for a generally larger average person, wonderfully dynamic for today's greater traffic manoeuvrability, and more lightweight to consume less electricity. Entirely minimalist by design, the catering of an electric motor rather than petrol allows the general body to have it's excess volume removed. One more feature that SATORI & SCOUT are perhaps unsure about, however, is that the scooter's speedometer, fuel gauge and lights are replaced by a smartphone slot and viewable via an app; though still located on the dashboard, why is every brand attempting this smartphone switch - is it necessary? Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Vespa

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