The Future Of Cycling By Cyclotron

There is no doubt that some designers around the world are trying to bring the Futuristic age ahead in time and happen now. With conceptual designs of cars, mobile phones and other technological parts surfacing at every respective design show throughout the year across the world, the cyclotron is certain to feature at anything cycling related. Looking quite like a device out of the film Tron: Legacy, this futuristic space-age bike might just actually accelerate all things of the Futuristic age into today.

Making riding a bike even more fun and easy, the concept has been designed by Cyclotron from Los Angeles (USA). Without two key component, this bike has no hubs or spokes on either wheel, and such reasoning is for a more streamlined and aerodynamic look given the reduction in drag-causing materials. Manufactured with an ultra lightweight carbon fibre composite, and by the featuring of basket storage within the hollow wheels, long rides are made that much easier.

For personal safety and visibility on long rides into the darkness, the bike is fitted with super-slick integrated LED strips that sit around each wheel well, as well as down the reverse of the seat post. Along with such safety features, the bike also projects innovative 'laser lanes' that indicate to nearby motorists how much room to give you as you cycle away. As you might expect with the bike's futuristic nature, the bike has an in-built iOS and Android app that works as a bicycle computer, letting you know typical statistics such as speed, power or calories burned. Is this the beginning of the Futuristic age into today?

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Photography credit : Cyclotron
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