The Zanco Tiny T1 Super-Small Phone

When you think of 'super-tiny phones' you wouldn't be questioned or receive strange looks for thinking James Bond, NASA etc, but now available to the mass market is Zanco, a brand that is soon launching a real-working phone that is as big as your thumb. Though the more familiar world of smartphones are increasingly becoming thinner and lighter by every proceeding product launch, Zanco has taken this concept to the extreme.

Smart in every way except offering actual smart functions, the Zanco 'Tiny T1' is so much more than just a cute one-off concept idea. With every intention of being your favourite backup phone - yes, not your main phone - for occasions such as night-outs, expeditions, activities and/or when you just want to travel light, the 13g heavy/light phone measures just 21mm x 46.7mm to be your perfect companion. Super easy to be hidden within your purse, secured in your jogging shorts or tucked away in your sailing gear (etc), the Zanco 'Tiny T1' really is quite unique.

As you may have guessed, the phone operates via a nano SIM card rather than a conventional SIM for dimension reasons and can only operate on the 2G network; capable of enabling talk and text, the tiny phone features a speaker, microphone and fully functioning keyboard. Beyond these basic functions, the tiny smartphone remarkably also houses 32mb worth of RAM, a mini OLED screen and a micro USB charging port, able to charge the tiny device for up to three entire days, or 180 talk minutes. Maybe time for a downgrade? Discover more about the project online at:

Photography credit : Zanco

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