Flatpack IKEA Considered For Trump's Mexican Wall

With the wonders of IKEA and their flatpack furniture well known, it is no surprise that Donald Trump is considering the construction method for this USA-Mexico wall. Practical and ready-made, the IKEA solution would be a quick and easy-to-construct alternative to the steel, bespokely fitted fence that has hitherto been considered.

Perhaps just a spoof, but such illustrates the potential of Donald Trump's construction alternatives, and is one that certainly shouldn't be overlooked. Wonderfully named Border Wall, such IKEA flatpack design has been cited to cost just 9,999,999,999.99 US Dollars, comparatively cheap if compared to the current notion of preferring a traditional wall which is being estimated to cost between 15 and 25 billion US Dollars (£12 and £20 billion respectively).

As shown, and to be expected by the Swedish furniture giant, the instructions for such construction method is provided with the nice bit of kit minimally drawn. Citing requiring thousands upon thousands of panels, barbed-wire coils and screws, it needs but one Allen key for assembly. Perhaps Donald Trump would offer to assemble the furniture himself, but then maybe that will take all his office time away from the White House and prove detrimental to the ongoing reduction of USA in the world's political and societal standings. Built from pressboard with a birch effect, the blockade would measure 10 metres tall and 1954 miles long. Just the job Mr Donal Trump.

Discover more and purchase online at: Ikea.com

Photography credit : Ikea.com


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