The Personal GITA Droid

Droids are happening. Right now. Should we call it laziness in not carrying your own grocery home from the stores, or is that inventive efficiency? Taking the second as the main positive to draw from this, there are many things that can help to make life easier. The Internet Of Things is one that is really pushing the boundaries of mixing technology and lifestyle, and this new GITA Droid is arguably just another step in the transition the world is seeing right now.

The excellent looking Piaggio GITA Personal Cargo Droid does, SATORI & SCOUT shall admit, sound more like a colleague of A2D2 and other Star Wars characters, but the rather simple robot is perhaps simply best described as a robotic personal helper that finds itself best tasked to carrying personal belongings. Without suggesting that the robot aims to replace the trusty handbag that is centuries old, and the pouch that is even older, but such innovation has come from the brainchild of Vespa scooters and there certainly is merit in their design philosophy.

Led by American architect and designer, Greg Lynn, the GITA is to be the very first product that is to be launched by the Fast Forward arm of Piaggio. Boasting innovation and convenience, might this Droid just be one of 2017's must have accessories? Electrically powered and featuring an easily flippable lid that reveals a generously sized basket of storage, the Droid quite simply follows behind you. Equally with the capability of following a pre-defined map, dare we suggest that this Droid has the legs (pun intended) to become your personal shopper whilst you stay at home - now that is lazy!

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Photography credit : Piaggio Fast Forward

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