Roadsworth Transforming City Streets

When you think of street art, you immediately think of using walls as the medium, but the creative artist who's pseudonym name is Roadsworth has other ideas. Creating surreal sights that are really transformative and effective, Peter Gibson's asphalt and concrete canvas arts are well worth a discovery.

With a spectrum of vibrantly coloured painted objects, crosswalks and car parks that each offer a real and genuine touch of humour, Gibson's street art sees real life and everyday street-scenes develop into an array of underwater creatures, larger-than-life landscapes, and to-be-expected messages about social change. With a particular highlight to Gibson's more recent pieces of art in Montreal (Canada) that makes reference to the world's refugee crisis, "...a new record: as of today, the UN has counted 65 million refugees in the world. I painted this in recognition of this tragic fact. Walls and fences are for painting and climbing, not for dividing and obstructing", Gibson explains.

With underwater characters emerging in place of commonly accepted street symbols, everyday objects painted at larger than life scales and zebra crossings that have seen a total adaptation into some witty reference, Gibson's art is certainly engaging and interactive. Discover more online at:

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