Dynamic To Do List By SeeNote

Never miss what matters and always know what's next. How many times have you not written something down and completely forgotten what was important, or moreover, written that something down and then completely forgotten to look at the notes you made? We have all been there, and so many times we have missed something important!

SeeNote is a digital sticky note that is always observable and turned on, and alike its paper cousin can be placed anywhere that you like. The device however is hugely different by way of being highly dynamic. With the ability to subtly get your attention via a LED strip thats on the device's edge, this sticky note its as clever as it is essential.

At 3.5 inches square, SeeNote is roughly the same size of a large sticky note, and with a matte-finish polycarbonate case, the device is sleek enough to complement any environment or surface it sits on. The device can also be read at any angle and in direct sunlight by way of its 300dpi screen, whereby its Lithium-Ion battery can provide up to a whole month of continuous use, and simply be re-charged via a USB cable. Everything is that simple.

Continuing with the theme of its ease of use, SeeNote collects its daily information via WiFi, seamlessly pulling updates from your My SeeNote cloud, and can detect and switch accounts between people based on your proximity to the device via Bluetooth. Marketed as your latest, favourite and most essential daily gadget, SATORI & SCOUT can certainly see huge potential in such an original idea. Even enabling you to perhaps add something to the notes while you're at work to remind you of something to do at home, the ability to bridge locations is a perk that a paper PostIt note can never be able to achieve.

Working with various smart devices and collaborating with various third-party apps, there are a serious amount of innovative and cool functions that can be achieved via its interface. Setup an account at Wink or IFTTT, and automate so much in your life, with examples including the likes of controlling lights around the house, checking on the status of your home, or adapting the to-do list based on weather reports, all remotely. Available to pre-order at GetSeeNote.com.

Photography credit : GetSeeNote.com

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