A Ping Pong Table Of Champions

For many aspirers, designers, and well-to-do people, ping pong is a great social sport. Known to be offered in many nightlife social bars and restaurants - we can think of 3 bars on one street in our city alone -, ping pong is just so fun and yet weirdly competitive, and if found in a bar, often leads to drink-related entertainment. Of course for the serious players too, and a very intense and high-sweat sport it is indeed, the Woolsey Ping Pong table is certainly aimed more for the design enthusiasts.

Designed by Sean Woolsey, a furniture designer based in California (USA), this sleek, multifunctional and handmade table meets all the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation, whilst also being a fantastic dining room, office or conference table. Made from solid black walnut and with white powder coated steel, the table is of very high quality. The paddles have also been hand crafted and feature maple detailing amongst the walnut bat. As you might expect, the balls have not been manufactured out of timber, however the five Japanese ball that initially accompany the table are perhaps as hard wearing as they can be - the whole table design and solution is just great!

Having been in the works for over a year, and seeing many hours of rigorous product testing, the solid black walnut top is designed and suitable for years of play, and even features this gorgeously wonderful sugar maple centre line for all your doubles matches. With the table having a steel net that is able to be mounted and unmounted really quickly via bolts, a wall mounted rack to display the paddles and balls, a hand rubbed oil surface that is food safe and easy to clean, and steel legs that have the function to adjust the tables height via levellers, this Ping Pong table is a piece of furniture for the champions.

Additional to the fantastic design work, Woolsey donates a tree to the Arbor Day Foundation for every piece of wood furniture that his studio makes and sells. In honour of each buyer, this initiative is Woolsey's way of helping to keep all the beauty that the amazing living creatures provide the studio... With an average lead time of 5-8 weeks, scout yours at SeanWoolsey.com.

Photography credit : SeanWoolsey.com

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