Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe Zenith Finale

With seven series of Phantom Coupe developed since its initial launch, Rolls Royce have announced its final chapter with the 'Zenith' to be the pinnacle of the Phantom collection; the true collector's piece. Recently making the announcement, the British based car manufacturer also stated that each and every of the 50 cars have already been commissioned, all with bespoke finishes. Wanting to amplify two of the rarest cars in the world, Rolls Royce have certainly made such exclusivity a figurehead of their finale.

As you may expect, literally every detail has been considered for the Zenith collection, with the car's tailgate boot offering a touring day picnic table complete with glass shelves and holders, the interior housing a fridge large enough for many champagne bottles, and even padded leather in places that you'd least expect, such to add to the car's luxury. The pursuit of perfection has no end, whereby Rolls Royce really have taken a step closer to what they consider the very height of their power and glory.

As the last of the line, the Zenith will be as rare today as it ever will be, with Rolls Royce claiming the designs to be "...the rarest Rolls Royce ever made." Such cars will leave the Rolls Royce factories ahead of Goodwood Festival, and on such a day history will be made, not least to mention that all the assembly line will be replaced to make way for a new generation. The successor of such a machine will be built with an all-new innovative aluminium frame, supposedly promising to underpin all of Rolls Royce's future car designs. The new generation has a huge amount to live up to by way of luxury standards, however the legacy lives on.

Wanting to acknowledge their Goodwood Festival links, each of the Phantom Zenith cars will feature a part of the assembly line in the car as a design feature, and have etched into dials the car Heaven's namesake. One detail that is particularly nice is the fine laser-etching of each car's location, making the car as much a work of art as an automobile. Sleek, seductive and pleasure-seeking, the new owners of such a car will soon be gliding forward elegantly, with the safe knowledge that they are part of a very select group of people in the world.

A sanctuary of calm, the Phantom was always designed out of the desire to be the 'Best Car In The World' (Rolls Royce). With engineering and budget freedom, Rolls Royce have often used the model as an experiment into the personalisation of ever detail. As Sir Henry Royce once explained, "...strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it doesn€™t exist, design it.€ With state of the art technologies that have influenced the car industry all over, Rolls Royce's abundance of effortless quirks makes the Phantom a 'magic carpet ride'.

Uncompromised, contemporary and iconic, SATORI & SCOUT really appreciate the British designers at Rolls Royce, and whether they suit your demographic or not, you really do have to appreciate the designs for what they are... Discover more about the Phantom finale at

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