Native Union Designs Minimalist Dock

Minimalism is a dish best served useful and rarely do we find minimalist designs truly form follows function. One such aspect that is perhaps of utmost importance to Apple phone users - Android, sadly not available for you this time - is the ability to charge your beloved devices, and these docks by Native Union are just perfect in so many ways.

Sleek and minimal, Native Union's charging docks are a beautiful geometric design that offers a huge amount of versatility in charging. Suitable for smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch alike, these midnight blue / gold and stone-coloured / rose gold combinations are simply delightful.

SATORI & SCOUT sees these simple designs as a total complement to the architecture of an Apple phone, and you really cannot imagine any Apple designer doing a better job. Of sturdy silicone, the watch-charging docks feature an aluminum arm to enable you to adjust the angle of the watch, whilst the smartphone dock features a short backrest. The apple dock is designed as so to allow you to have the dock vertically and use your watch as a bedtime clock at night, with the horizontal orientation more suited for general use. Really have technology devices been so 'less is more'.

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Photography credit : Native Union

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