Concrete Speakers Challenges The Norm

SATORI & SCOUT are always scouting for new design, and we often dabble in conceptual designs. Concretus is a wireless bluetooth speaker made from concrete, has been designed by Grazina Bockute from Lithuania and certainly fits the bill of new technology of aspirational quality.

With a contrast between it's natural and rough concrete texture and its sleek metal surfaces, Concretus has a certain unique appearance that certainly challenges the speaker industry norm. With commonplace Bluetooth connectivity and control, the speaker performs and delivers a new user audio experience via its near invisible design should you be locating the speakers against a concrete surface.

The speaker design has been named as such because it is made from concrete - as you already know and might have guessed -, but also because the word Konkreti in Lithuanian means 'simple'. The final form of the speakers came after many shape and texture iterations of moulds, and its fair to say that you have probably never thought of a electronic device being made from such an industrial and heavy material. Satisfying perhaps a certain taste, there is no denying that the appeal of the Concretus is quite something. Despite only being a conceptual design, we are really hoping such a project will become available one day in the future. Discover more about this project online at

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