Tequila Barrel Becomes Horn Speaker

There is no question that horn speakers are unequivocally cool and awesome, and when we came across Fiddle & Hammer's giant reclaimed version, our love grew even more. Manufactured from refurbished liquor barrels, Fiddle & Hammer from Milwaukee (USA) have created a really unique and niche handmade range of products, made only from the best materials using only traditional joinery and with a final aesthetic that showcases their personal response of a love towards wood, music, and rich industrial heritage.

Led by Jordan Waraksa who was a sculptor and violinist originally, the workshop's furniture is a blend of both mediums. As Waraksa explains, "When chosen tools do more than create, they inspire, they sing - a Fiddle and Hammer." Presented at Wanted Design during 2016's New York Design Week, Fiddle & Hammer's Bellaphone No.7 is a luxury wooden horn speaker that has a form which is so to acoustically amplify devices that are hidden within its base. A testament to the resonance and high-qualities of a Herradura Tequila Barrel's wood from which the Bellaphone No.7 is carved, one might find it hard to decide whether the tequila and whiskey barrels are better served for their true function or for a horn speaker.

Ranging in size from two foot to six foot tall editions, all of mobile devices, home audio systems and theatres can connect to the wonderful engineering-come-artwork piece. Whilst true patronage to music from yesteryear would be to listen to the music via an original gramophone, with such connectivity flexibility on offer from these horn speakers, there really can't be a much better alternative, surely?

In stock and ready to deliver, discover more about the brand at FiddleHammer.com.

Photography credit : FiddleHammer.com

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