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Whether a scholar, designer, aspirational person or student, we are sure you appreciate good stationery. The pen (and pencil) and the act of using such apparatus is such a pure one that both designs have stood the test of time for decades, even centuries. Purveyors of fine stationery, and a brand that is 100% dedicated to its craft industry, Ystudio design studio from Taiwan is perhaps unrivalled in authenticity. With KOHEZI also long term fans of the brand, we are confident here at SATORI & SCOUT that the designs are far more than worth their price tag.

Founded by duo Yi and Yanko, the Taiwanese design studio creates a curated range of minimalistic stationery items that are handcrafted for everyday use. All standing for quality and simplicity, the pens are only available in heavy materials such as brass, copper and bronze. With a core product series called The Weight of Words, such materials have been chosen for their colour and material lust over time, whereby different oxidation effects naturally occur on the pens with every different persons hand gripping. With a very strong connection between loved objects and their owners, the patina of brass, copper and bronze only makes such objects treasured more.

Ystudio stands for more than just the objects they create themselves, but also the true meanings behind them. As examples, Yi and Yanko explain that a lamp means warmth and hope whilst a pen stands for feelings that one cherishes, and as such, products that have deeper meanings always bring more imagination to people's lives. Put simply, Ystudio believes that the value of minimalism in design is very important, and good writing equipment is also essential.

Founded in 2012 despite the arguably vanishing culture of handcrafting such fine products, Ystudio continue to create beautifully ergonomic designs, each with really elegant visual features. Via all their experience with handcrafting metalwork, such pieces are extremely powerful and aim to last more than a lifetime. Full of character, all of the pens, rulers, pencils, containers and accessories of The Weight Of Words collection have been made using the scorching heat of one thousand degrees (pretty hot huh?!). Allowing you to enjoy the one-of-the-kind beauty of brass, copper and bronze in your hand, day by day, when was the last time you picked up and used a pen?

Available at KOHEZI, the Ystudio Pen Collection is ideal for anyone of creative flair or desiring some super-quality writing instruments. It would be very fair to say that such a collection is perhaps the single most elegant line of stationery our team in the SATORI & SCOUT studios have ever held. At KOHEZI you can discover writing instruments that are so cleanly elegant that the designs themselves attract as much attention as the words and lines you so carefully and wonderfully create... Discover more and buy online at Kohezi.com.

Photography credit : YstudioStyle.com

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