Colourful Parisien Basketball Court

The [insert an adjective of choice] sport of basketball just got a whole lot more colourful, and the question that's on everyone's minds is 'what is going on?'. An arena that has been previously designed with artistic flair, the latest collaboration between Ill-Studio and Pigalle sees the court become emblazed with blue, pink, purple and orange gradients. Located in Paris (France), hidden between typical town houses, the basketball court's project has received support by Nike where the irregular shape area is anything but Madison Square Gardens.

With the rubber court surface blending smoothly from blue at it's ends to exhibiting a pink centre, it's surrounding walls are face to a mismatch of ingenious shapes and colourful fusions, where the court is made complete with pink basketball hoop backboards. With zones marked out by bold white lines, whether basketball is your sport - probably not? - you have to admit that the artistic attempt is quite something.

As the collaborators explain, "Through this new court, we wish to explore the relationship between sport, art and culture and its emergence as a powerful socio-cultural indicator of a period in time." Continuing, "...the anatomy of the human body as well as its performances have had a lifelong relationship with art. Since the legacy of Greek and Roman antiquity, sport is represented as a dominant idea within the beauty of an era." How beautiful the sport's arena is here. Expressing modernity in aesthetics and traditionalism in the sport's rules, SATORI & SCOUT are not quite sure which end of the spectrum the staircase's intervention sits in. With USA a ligitive culture and France less so, you may want to watch out in case you stub your toe, or worse. Discover more about the designer at:

Photography credit : Ill Studio

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