Creative LA Pride Pedestrian Signals

What a fantastic idea. It was recently Los Angeles' (USA) Pride Week 2017 and the event continually seeks to champion the community, diversity and motivate positive change. A well-known event for many years in which the LGBTQ community is celebrated, one such resident group took the (rainbow) limelight by simply placing the rainbow colourway pattern on all traffic lights around the city. A simple, novel idea.

Made by a rainbow-colored transparency filter that was mounted onto the reverse plates of the various pedestrian signals at prominent crosswalks in West Hollywood, the walkways were used and seen by everyone attending and easily made everyone smile. Described as a "symbol of support for the LGBTQ community and as a statement that no matter what walk of life you choose, you should walk proud", SATORI & SCOUT question, why are they normally red and green, and why are they often only a man? Of course 'stop and go' come to mind, but in the railway world, trains are painted yellow on their frontage to instigate danger, whilst British police forces used black and yellow to boast 'authority'.

A curious thought, perhaps the colour is an irrelevant factor, but having them rainbow coloured is certainly kind of awesome. Discover more about LA Pride week online at:

Photography credit : LA Pride

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