Tessalating Many RhinoWolf Tent(s)

With Glastonbury on everybody's minds right now, SATORI & SCOUT thought it was most apt to scout and discover a camping solution. While everyone acknowledges that camping is an essential to festival fun, the outdoor activity is not always everyone's preferred way to travel. Perhaps it is the claustrophobia, general discomfort, the potential solitariness, or general cleanliness (or lack of)?

Short of discovering a camping solution that is large enough for tens of people, super luxurious with all the trims, and capable of giving you all the showering requirements you may need, RhinoWolf goes that little bit further than a normal tent and at least solves the community/size issue. With all the above preferences offered at a hotel, which last we checked isn't camping at all is it(?), if camping is the way of travel you wish to explore, RhinoWolf's new design is certainly a pack full of excitement (pun intended).

Providing a solution borne out of the problems of the humble tent, the RhinoWolf tent offers modular pod like compartments that provide a complete outdoor camping system. Described as a system, each tent singularly features an all-in-one tent (obviously), air-mattress and sleeping bag. With each pod providing just enough space for one or two campers, the tents can be adjacently joined to one another via a universal zip to create an even larger enclosure, converting your private space into a community multi-space. When the time comes to sleep at night, you have the ability to close people off via your own zippers, or if you prefer, enjoy your expansively long tent in everyone's company.

Weighing just 2.5 kilograms, space saving and multi-coloured, SATORI & SCOUT cannot see much reason not to like RhinoWolf where their modularity is fully appreciated in our studio. With a singular pole spine to construct the tent and the capability for cross ventilation via opening both doors either side of your compartment, we rather wonder why wasn't a tent invented this way in the first place?

Discover more about the design and support online at: Indiegogo.com

Photography credit : RhinoWolf

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