PlusMinus Screwdrivers And Art

You'd be forgiven if you thought that the topic of screwdrivers wasn't the most interesting about town, yet this product design scouting might just change that at your next dining room conversation. Featured and somewhat being a talking point at the Milan Design Show 2017, these PlusMinus screwdrivers are turning heads.

Admittedly the pun was poor, but these PlusMinus screwdrivers are quite the opposite. Designed by Erdem Selek of Turkey, here the common homeware tool has become a polished accessory in tune with the living spaces that the screwdrivers often help build. A fine example of how the purist use of any single material can create a lasting shape that is much more appealing to keep in possession for generations to come than those purchased for £2.00 at some over-hyped retail chain, the PlusMinus draws upon intuition and minimalism.

On show at the Milan Design Show in February, these PlusMinus screwdrivers are made from polished stainless steel, are carefully sized and shaped to fit any pair of hands easily, whilst being able to 'lay around' peacefully and as 'art'. Complete with subtle engraving, these screwdrivers are certainly a refreshing design of an otherwise dull product-type.

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Photography credit : Erdem Selek

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