Bang & Olufsen Shape Experience

Almost reaching it's 100th birthday, Bang & Olufsen is a brand that really pushes the boundaries of speaker quality and design. Originating from a humble abode in Denmark, the company has developed some of the world's most iconic radio, vinyl, hi-fi analog audio, television, and now, digital media technologies and hardwares. The designer brand's latest design might just be their most ambitious.

Named the BeoSound Shape, the modular hexagonal speaker system has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the modern lives and homes of its listeners, being entirely adaptive of space availability, design flair, and taste of colour. An all-in-one system, the audio behemoth can accommodate up to forty-four of it's modular tiles but SATORI & SCOUT reckon that any design up to eight is perfectly reasonable. With every tile indistinguishable between one another, what lies inside each is a curious treasure to behold, with all it's technology, cabling and power utensils hidden within similar voids as those that house the amplifiers, speakers and dampers.

With eight tiles comprising the starter kit, both am amplifier and dampers are included. With the ability for the configuration - what you would like it to be - to work with your other Bang & Olufsen technology, surely the brand cannot invent anything more personal? With the system and 'brain' that Bang & Olufsen's owners know and trust, SATORI & SCOUT are sure that if you can afford the small pricetag, you will perhaps never see such a better investment. One might argue that their other designs are more pure to speaker-form and offer better quality (such as the immense BeoLab 90), but this design is much than just sound for sound's sake, it is about the ability to truly experience music within the context of the room and being a pure integration into your lifestyle. Offering streaming services such as AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and any Bluetooth 4.1 connection, SATORI & SCOUT are sure that you will be left curious and amazed for it's entire lifespan.

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Photography credit : Bang & Olufsen

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