David Brown Mini (Re)Masterclass

When good engineering and even better design meet there are often many beautiful results, and the new Mini Remastered project by David Brown is a car to admire. Synonymous with Great British motoring, the awesomely cool Remastered Mini by David Brown, a Silverstone (UK) based restoration specialist, is certainly worth high marks on every agenda.

In the name of a project that aims to remaster the British icon of motoring and truly introduce the automotive classic into the 21st century, beautiful colours, lines, finishes and car technology make the David Brown Mini Remastered project a luxurious success. Unveiled at their promotional showing in Shoreditch, London (UK), the car is a result of years of coachbuilding and age-old restoration techniques as opposed to any form of mass manufacturing.

With an historically understated interior that allows the Mini to have such an opportunity to be revamped, the Mini Remastered car comes equipped with all the latest technologies such as Apple CarPlay®, a 7" touchscreen interface, Android Auto®, Keyless-Go and both Bluetooth® and USB connectivity. De-seamed, strengthened and sound-proofed throughout, the Mini Remastered scores as highly on the design front as it does on it's improved structural integrity, engineering and comfort front. With a sculptured body that stays true to it's original but with subtle updates, the luxurious interior is matched on all grounds by it's exterior, ensuring that even the new version is equally a classic.

Inspired by Sir Alec Issigonis' classic icon, David Brown's experienced design and engineering teams have worked endlessly to remaster the original vision to today's society and create a contemporary design classic. With meticulous characteristics such as it's hand-applied painting process that takes up to four weeks, or the handcrafted die-sunk enamelling of it's logo badge, no aspect is left to rely upon mass manufacturing. With it's leather full grain and British sourced, it's sophisticated infotainment system complete with a refined speaker system and an original engine that has undergone a complete transformation to be entirely rebuilt and tuned to produce 30% more power than it's predecessor, SATORI & SCOUT quite literally love this.

Discover more about the car design online at: DavidBrownAutomotive.com

Photography credit : David Brown Automotive

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