Addicted To Your Smartphone? A Solution

Are you someone, or know of anyone else, who is addicted to their smartphone? We mean, seriously addicted? Designed by Klemens Schillinger, this designer has just released a range of therapeutic smartphone-shaped objects with the intention of their usage helping smartphone user 'addicts' overcoming their device FOMO (fear of missing out). A series of five smartphone-shaped objects, each features strategically placed stone beads that imitate the various popular motions that are used across many different brand's smartphones, for example, pinching, scrolling, zooming, and swiping. Helping smartphone 'addicts' overcome their withdrawal symptoms, the stimulation of 'pretending' to use a smartphone by way of these objects that are shaped and weighted like one is intended to be entirely therapeutic.

A problem that many of us can perhaps associate with, can you resist picking up your phone when that notification arrives, can you resist checking your work emails while commuting? The way today's lifestyles are, everyone has lost touch with social interaction, and this is just one attempt at rescuing 'normality'.

Beyond resisting the reaction to an instant notification, it is said that people are now inclined to periodically check their phone in anticipation of activity. Described as 'checking behaviour', this is but another reason why the designer has found so much merit in such a simple concept, and the way SATORI & SCOUT see it, these device objects are very much needed, yesterday. Inspired by how smokers can often give up smoking by using substitution of a wooden pipe to mimic the action of holding a cigarette, it is but the physical stimulation that is noteworthy in any proaction against addiction. Manufactured using howlith natural stones within an acetal body, these devices are superbly smartphone-replicable. Discover more about the designer online at:

Photography credit : Leonhard Hilzensauer
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