Bridging Handwriting-To-Digital With Moleskine

In a world of always being on-the-go, perhaps hopping from one workplace meeting to the next, many Instagram 'memes' and various public speakers talk about stepping back and relaxing, reminding us of the simple things. In an attempt at making your life that little bit easier and overcoming the communicative disparity between handwritten notes and the digital 'sphere' is Moleskine's new collection, hoping that you will soon have one less thing to worry about with notes ever being in two places at any one time. In the form of a planner that syncronises with phones, computers and tablets (Android and Apple), you can now organise your daily life with an instantly communicative handwriting-to-digital relationship.

Developed beyond Moleskine's earlier Livescribe notebook and pen, in which motion senses converted handwriting into digital images, the new Smart Planner features a concealed grid that translates anything that you have written or drawn to a form viewable on your iOS or Android devices. Though requiring the usage of Moleskine's smartpen Pen+ to make this possible, such technology cannot be mocked in its attempt at resolving a real-life (first world) issue; just count how many times you have to duplicate calendar entries, for example.

With meetings or events recorded on the left-hand side of the planner syncronising to your online calendar systems and diagrams or text on the right-hand side displaying on the mobile app 'Moleskine Notes', everything is wonderfully communicative. Perhaps it is time for an upgrade? Discover more about the stationers' innovative planner at:

Photography credit : Moleskine

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