Apple Phone Releases Flip-Phone Teaser

Apple was recently described by Warren Buffet, arguably the worlds most famous investor, as the only technology company he'd ever invest in (in which his company owns one fifth), and despite being known for never being the first to any technology (Samsung are usually ahead on this score), Apple's new patent application is certainly innovative. Having previously featured various articles on Apple, the Californian-based tech company has just released images of its filed patent application for a foldable screen display, essentially announcing that a foldable flip phone and/or similar is launching in the near-future.

Rather than operate via a more familiar hinge (nostalgically think of Nokia from former years), the patent describes Apple's version as being able to be "opened and closed like a book". From an external standpoint, in addition to the book-opening, the patent seems to illustrate a two-sided screen display; novel for any smartphone design. As the patent application further describes, the phone "may be formed from shape memory alloy or amorphous metal and may have openings to facilitate bending." If you have never seen shape-memory materials then you're in for a treat, the ability for any material to return to its initial state upon usage / stress / movement is simply wow. 

SATORI & SCOUT have often internally debated the future of the smartphone given that technology seems to have plateaued recently. Brands' arguments for being "inspired by" a competitor company don't quite cut it in their caveat of struggling to find that creative spark and particularly innovate. Apple, however, may be about to nudge the bar that little bit forward. Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit: US Patent And Trademark Office

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