Windowless Minimalism With Glorious Panoramas

John Pawson is a British architectural designer whose work is known for its minimalist aesthetic, and staying true to his art, we needn't say much more about him. This clifftop holiday home is no different to anything he has created before, with Okinawa Island of Japan gaining such a wonderful dwelling that is perfect for any aspirational lifestyle. With windowless facades, whitewash walls and the unforced minimalism we have come to expect from Pawson, try not to gasp too much as you wander yourself around this home.

Not completely honest to say the dwelling is entirely windowless, the rear of the property has vast windows (and a roof terrace) that overlooks the sea. Designed for a family that spend most their time in Tokyo, but wish for an escape to calmness, the alignment of windows has been perfected for focussed panoramic outlooks.

As explained by John Pawson's studio, "As they live in a box-shaped house in Tokyo, the brief was for somewhere with a sense of vertical and horizontal expansiveness and the fluidity of the catenary [U-shaped] curve came up as a visual reference." A home of coupling contrasts, firstly the home is split into blocks of distinct functionality, a tactic resulting in single storey living spaces and double storey bedroom spaces; and secondly the home is orientated to give the utmost privacy against the passerby's of the main roadway with the home's only entrances either the garage or a timber door, both denoted with a significant colour contrast to the otherwise white walls, whilst the rear of the home offers the best views of the vast ocean in the distance, with funnel-like openings to the panorama.

"The design traces the diagonal footprint of the plot, combining single and double-height spaces within a form that is closed and tapered to the rear, but to the front flares and opens like an eye over the headland, with the ground floor level raised to optimise sightlines to the ocean," the studio explained. Of the highest of minimalist interiors, in addition to the white walls, all floors are light-coloured polished stone, and when featured, all the furniture is also light-coloured timber. With this really amazing integrated seat that extends through the living room's sliding glass walls into a sheltered porch area, the home really offers a sense of private community for the family.

SATORI & SCOUT are obviously massive fans of the white wash appeal, and though you might not have access to such a beautiful view, the reduction in fixtures and fittings that you have hopefully seen here could certainly be translatable to your own home... Certainly worth considering for the decor alone, read more online at

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