Oxfordshire's Creative Farmhouse Retreat

Soho House & Co is a private members' club that began in 1995 for people that work in the creative industries, and little over 20 years since its birth, have recently opened another location in its clubhouses' roster - a retreat in rural Oxfordshire. Bringing together a community of like-minded people, with their membership solely for people within the creative industries that include film, fashion, advertising, music, art and technology, Soho House & Co has clubs across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, workspaces, spas and bedrooms. Whatever your opinion on Membership clubs, we are sure you will agree the concept of Soho House & Co absolutely aligns with SATORI & SCOUT's aspirational lifestyle.

Via a collaboration with Michaelis Boyd Architects (London) on this farmhouse, the new rural retreat features 40 individually-designed cabins that have each been assembled about the site€™s original farm buildings. With a particular focus on the farmhouses' main barn, boathouse, gym, yoga studios, cinema, and this totally-awesome steam and sauna island that they treasure, SATORI & SCOUT cannot find much fault in this project's ideas as it really does live up to its tagline of being a rural retreat.

The club's boathouse features a luxury 16m indoor pool (and a 9m extended external deck pool to make the combined length be 25m) with water that wonderlustly complements the room's timber, the €˜electric barn cinema€™ features 390m2 worth of screening area that is internally fitted with luxury velvet armchairs, beds and cashmere blankets, and the 805m2 barn provides a central place for all the club's guests to gather for drinks and food, featuring fantastic windows that provide immense amounts of natural light, mezzanine dining areas and a very quirky bar area. Throughout the club, all lobby floors have high-quality herringbone floorboards, all the common areas have age-old checkerboard porcelain tiles, whilst all walls are made of reclaimed walnut veneer and acoustic fabric; every aspect of this club's atmosphere and feel is of high importance, and the attention to detail works exceedingly well.

The pool is SATORI & SCOUT's personal favourite offering where this has been designed to replicate the aesthetic and function of an actual working boathouse, finished in a porcelain that perfectly complements the location's cotswold stone walls. With interlinked rooms and buildings that have varying roof heights, the overall aesthetic is a facility that is very friendly, welcoming and ultimately highly relaxing. Equally, the boathouse features steam, sauna and ice room pavilions and decking that resembles self-build huts - everything is all very authentic, as can be expected by a specifically-creative-persons' hotel choice. There is even a jetty for rowing boats! SATORI & SCOUT are counting down to the day when we become members.


Learn more and upgrade your lifestyle at SohoHouse.com.

Photography credit : SohoHouse.com

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