Elegant Glassware Of Striking Practicality

When it comes to an aspirational lifestyle, not many products can effortlessly tell more about a man (or woman) than their choice of kitchen, table or glassware. Perhaps as decorative as they are functional, these Monti beer glasses, Cupa shot glasses and various table accessories are wonderfully innovative and elegant. Created by Sempli, all products by this contemporary design company are a fusion of two countries: Sweden's simple functionality and Italy€™s fluid style.

With an aim to add greater enjoyment to the drinking of craft ale, fine wine, tasteful whisky and indulgent liquors, these glasswares and accessories have been designed and wholeheartedly fantastically created by Daniele 'Danne' Semeraro . Of Swedish origin, the designer has intrinsically fused minimalism and contemporary modernism, and the result are these eye-catching shapes that are perfect for any beverage consumption.

Specifically, the four Monti glasses have been designed for various different available beers, with separate glass variations for Birra, IPA, Pils and Pint. Varying in height, volume and shape, each glass has been designed to serve the beer in their most intended of ways, with the various glasses shaped to improve the liquid's tastes. The Cupa glasses are equally a playful variation on the conventional glass shape, whilst all of the various table accessories - such as nibble bowl, decanter, incanter and vases - are a continuation of the artistic forms to create a holistic set for you to adore. With each glass produced by the most skilled of blowers, the glass is the purest of lead-free crystal commercially available; the designer's innovation has led the Cupa glasses to become known as "...the spinning original since 2002", whilst the Monti beer collection is Sempli's first flat-bottomed glasses (which sounds odd to write).

Perhaps wanting to improve your alcoholic provision and experience, for guests and self-indulgences alike, these Sempli glasswares are surely the most striking (and yet entirely functional) glassware designs you're likely to see! They will certainly make you look as cool as you could possibly be in any social situation... If you fancy a glassware upgrade, purchase online at Sempli.com. [infobox maintitle="Daniele 'Danne' Semeraro" subtitle="From automotive companies in Sweden to interior and lighting design companies in Californiam, Semeraro's focus has always been on product design and after leading as Design Manager for a top lighting manufacturer, Sempli began..." bg="white" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link="no link"]

(Photography Credit : Sempli.com)

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