White Desert Glamping At -5 Degrees

There's Glamping and then there's Glamping. If ever there were a sign of global warming, this is it. A remote Glamping site found deep in Antarctica that features a series of igloo-like cabins, this luxury destination is perhaps the only place you will find aspirational furniture kinds such as fur-covered chairs and bamboo headboards across the entire continent of Antartica, ever.

Known as 'White Desert', and renown as being the 'only luxury campsite in the interior of Antarctica', this campsite offers a cosy and luxurious way of battling the sub zero weather conditions found on the other side of the igloos' walls. Each cabin-like pod is made of fibreglass, whereby six are designed for sleeping up to two guests; the additional on-site pods feature a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge and a library (yes an Antarctic library).

Secured to the floor with metal cables, "...each suite stands alone on a rugged strip of land in the interior of Antarctica, midway between a frozen lake and towering walls of ice," White Desert explains.

Recently refurbished though now in it's 10th year of operation, White Desert began times as "...a new kind of camp - one that would be comfortable and heated, more akin to the old-world luxury of the early Victorian explorers." Taking 'luxury' to the next level, the pods have been subject to an interior design collaboration between the Woodhead family (founders) and Sam Hendrick, a Cape Town designer. As such, bamboo headboards, white Eero Saarinen-style chairs, and wood flooring can all be found inside the igloos, as well as leather-effect wallpaper, curved couches, plush arm chairs and a statement-piece round banquette sofa upholstered with tufted velvet. With little more than a single glass door and two small windows bring natural light into the space, these igloos are weirdly real.

At 64,000 euros for 11 nights, such a luxury stay doesn't come cheap; the camp can be found at 71 degrees latitude, where summer temperatures can reach a maximum of -5 Celsius. Tempted? Learn more and book online at White-Desert.com.

Photography credit : White Desert

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