Pure Kitchibe Of Ceramic Fragrance

When three things come together, they can be great or awful, but rarely much in between. Definitely on the scale of the former attribute, Kitchibe is a collaborative effort between Shiono Koryo (fragrance house), Housen-Gama (ceramics manufacturer) and Takumi Shimamura (designer), and the latest diffuser collection that the trio has launched is one that echo's an equal abundance of Japanese heritage and modern needs.

Via a symbolism of differently scented plants that so often find themselves marking the circumference of a Japanese temple, Kitchibe offers six crafted scents that each evoke a different aspect of Japanese culture, all entirely housed in minimalist and aspirational stone-like ceramic vessels.

With their scents in mind, Sakura summons an air of cherry blossoms in early Spring, Washi epitomises an ode to the craft of Japanese paper-making, while Matcha creates an idea of green tea tradition and is a combination of tatami, bamboo and jasmine; Yuki evokes the snowyness of winter with a cool and crystal note, Yuzu is a herb-infused offering, and Kitchibe is an aromatic wood being their signature fragrance.

With all the trio's ceramic diffusers of fanciful design, SATORI & SCOUT believe Japan's minimalist and pure style is echoed with each vessel that all feature natural motifs (our favourite being the moon peaking out beyond mountains). What is really quite unique, beyond the scents' quality, is that Kitchibe's aromas can even be enjoyed on the move in the form of 'Tumbler', a new design that can be placed in the cup holder of your car. Of a creative Zen, discover your favourite Kitchibe. Learn more and purchase online at Kitchibe.jp.

Photography credit : Kitchibe

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