Floating VeeTee For Fire & Warmth

The of making; the act of doing; the act of creating. Whilst all aforementioned things can contribute to the aspirational lifestyle, do you ever do any of them? We mean, do you really just 'make' something? Child birth aside when you create life (arguably the pinnacle of creation), but have you ever created something for your home?

Here, a group of students from various Estonian architecture, design and art universities have combined to take part in a summer workshop in the Soomaa Forests and National Park. Challenged to respond to the unique climatic conditions of the local vicinity (which floods alot), the project developed into creating and building floating architectural structures that were able to adapt to the park's distinct landscape. SATORI & SCOUT were particularly interested in how such a structure could be used in your own back garden, assuming you own a lake of course.

As a result of the exciting student project, the students created what was termed 'VeeTee' (meaning water way). The three floating structure combination offers a place of shelter, a place for fire and a sauna. Made from spruce timber and including metal barrels and strapping, the experimental project explored how the local people can overcome nature's problems (and gifts) in the area, and how the people could adapt to living there; as the student's proved, there is much to be had from the opportunities presented.

Tutored by a group of Finnish, Serbian and Estonian architects, it is little surprise that such a structure came about in such a minimalist way. The perfect idea of the aspirational lifestyle was wonderfully summed up by Sami Rintala: "As an attempt to deal with contemporary challenges, both planetary and local, it is necessary and clever to jump outside the usual game and stratagem of the urban professional life, and seek a counter­-phenomena out on the 'edge', where people are ripped off from their roles and positions, and need to act on a common ground. People's real needs emerge, and they need to be fulfilled, and meanwhile 'design' becomes just part of 'making'."

Powerful stuff, inspired to make an intervention for yourself? Discover more about the VeeTee at EkasiseArhitektuur.ee.

Photography credit : Tonu Tunnel

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