Victorian Villa Of Sustainable Extension

In with the old and in with the new. No, there was phraseology typo there, when old meets new so wonderfully, such is true. Designed by North London (UK) architects, Scenario Architecture, the clients to such a wonderful home had been living in their ground floor flat for several years, before deciding to renovate it, and wow did both client and architect do well.

It is no secret that good architecture contributes to the aspirational lifestyle that SATORI & SCOUT promotes, and this Victorian home has certainly seen a design with more merit than just being sustainable. Originally having just a very old glass conservatory, which echoed all the usual issues of being freezingly cold in the winter and overheated in the summer, such a structure was said to be "...blocking the light to the inner sitting room and the whole space was laid out in a very dysfunctional way. The flat had enormous potential being a conversion of a large Victorian villa: it had grand dimensions and a very wide back facade", Scenario Architecture explain.

Despite what can only be described as a contradictory situation, the brief was said to outline an offering of a design open to all things modern and contemporary, but at the same time be super respectful of all the original proportions and separation of the spaces. The result, of contextually unique design, is a wonderfully timber clad extension to the kitchen and dining area with a vast window area opening out into the townhouse garden, but at the same time, retaining all of it's original features by way of keeping the lounge private and cosy like good old-architecture merits. SATORI & SCOUT cannot do anything more than just want to be in that space and own that extension, a very good design by Scenario Architecture.

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