Tall Lamp Shines Architectural Light

Who ever says furniture design is boring, is dull and is just for the high-browers, is wrong. Very wrong. Very much true to say that design comes in some wonderfully creative ways, Bec Brittain's sculptural lamps that have evolved out of the premise of light tubes is certainly more than your average light provision.

Having initially presented her first two freestanding lights series, namely Vault and Crane, at a solo exhibition at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York (USA) in early July, the lamps are certainly more in body than most, and that's not just because they're tall. With the Crane series featuring a bronze body that elevates high a glowing borosilicate glass rod with a leather strap, and the Vault lamps featuring a concrete base and a thin brass structure that is punctuated with LED tubes, wooden elements and ceramic pendants, no two lamps will be found common place on the British high street.

As Patrick Parrish Gallery explained, "...the widely varying scale of the pieces prompts a different interaction with the viewer. Some pieces are human scale and are easily perceived as objects, while others become architectural, creating space for one to walk through."

Initially as a product designer at Parsons School of Design, but later finding herself studying philosophy at New York University, and further, architecture at the Architectural Association in London, Brittain's designs are really quite inspired, and inspirational for any young designer. Comments regarding her studies of architecture, "...with architecture, you have to let go of a layer of detail at some point because you have subcontractors. I like the fact that I can be more obsessive with detail on this scale." SATORI & SCOUT are glad Brittain stuck to detail, as it shows... With more designs available, discover about the designer at BecBrittain.com.

Photography credit : BecBrittain.com

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