The Unconventional Hot Pink Doorway

The main doorway is quite often, for obvious reasons, the main focus of a house or building from the exterior. At Architecture school students are often taught that directional signs are bad and that entrances should be significant enough to be instantly understandable. Taking such-like literally, Toronto (Canada) based firm Reigo and Bauer have created this wonderfully minimalist three-bedroom home in the city that features a hot pink entrance against its otherwise black cladding. Can you guess where the main door is?

Winona House is a lovely little property that has distinctive geometry that references the garden sheds that can be found in the neighbourhood's back yards. Despite such a simple factor of influence, the residence is certainly unconventional. The roof is such that "...the building appears to be either rectangular or triangular in plan, depending on how it is seen", Reigo and Bauer explain. In addition to this dynamic form, the presence of a bright pink entrance that has been triangularly carved out of one corner of the home certainly proves that the architects paid attention at Architecture school. Signally the principle entrance, the colour was specifically chosen to be a homage to the property's owners' Mexican roots.

Within the home, an open-plan kitchen and dining spaces fill the ground floor, while bedrooms fill the first floor. All of conventional merit, only a large clerestory above the home's multi-floor central space echo the home's quirky external appearance. The home's furniture more than makes up for the white-wash plain walls, however, with a huge amount of personality injected into every room and space.

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