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Fascination and appreciation in design comes in many ways, and in many instances, different countries across the world popularise a certain style as if it were their culture. The Germans were perhaps most famous for their Bauhaus tradition, the Americans for their Art Deco (adopted from the French) or Post-Modern, the British for their string of Tudor, Elizabethan, Georgian styles, much of North Europe for their Art Nouveau, and South Europe for their Classicism; the list is endless. France has always arguably been at the forefront of design, influencing art, architecture, interior design and many other creative industries across the world throughout history, but SATORI & SCOUT are confident that what you most immediately associate with such a patriotic country is their classic Renaissance style.

Like all things great, things begin simple, and The French Bedroom Company began their story with a bed. After realising the only way to own THE French bed of choice in an English home was to expensively import an authentic one from France, the owners of the now-popular design studio and store set the company up to introduce everything the sassy French style has to offer English customers (and beyond!). Launched in 2006, the company offers many great styles, and SATORI & SCOUT reckon that even the pioneering French designers of the aforementioned era's would be proud.

Born out of the wonderful investigation of French "...designs, textures, craftsmanship, heritage, and history, the collections are fun and feminine - with quality at the core", the company outlines, and whether you are looking for quirky lighting or elegant and inspiring bedroom chic, The French Bedroom Company will probably have something that will more than suit your interior design needs and tastes.

Across the store you can find French beds with the most ornate of headboards or the grandest of poster poles, French bedroom furniture that includes a full roster of stools or pouffe's to Venetian bedside tables or chic side tables, contemporary home accessories of the quirkiest of wall decor or the frilliest of cushions, French chest of drawers with all of trunks, sideboards and chests, French bedside tables available, and many stylist curated collections for you to gander should you not have any set interior design purchase in mind. SATORI & SCOUT's personal favourites include The French Bedroom Company's unique Columbus gold trunk, golden arrow light (to reinforce the gold theme) luxurious Arctic fur rug and the classically-urban copper angled floor lamp, though the ultimate wish-list item has to be awarded to their polygonal side table. Whilst you might think that these are not their more statement of pieces, our list has been curated as designs we reckon would match and work with literally anything else on offer; the simple idea of minimalistic variety, we promote, is a core value of the aspirational lifestyle.

Inspired by everything everywhere, whether that be "...a peony in bloom, a great work of art, ruffles on lingerie, a colour - and even the female body...", as the company explain, both statement pieces and casual French accessories across all the collections are there to be adored in your own home. Often it is hard to continue design styles consistently throughout the home, and particularly continue to adopt over time as fashions come and go (ultimately style is a lifestyle choice), yet SATORI & SCOUT reckon the Renaissance style that The French Bedroom Company offer can be as casual or as widely used as you desire, being such a dynamic style of choice. Traditional French furniture is certainly one of the most statement looks you could choose for your own interior design, yet should you not be fully Anglo-Francophone in spirit, then even a mild flirt with some French style will add some quirky interest to any style your home offers.

With most furniture pieces manufactured from mahogany timber that has been sourced from regenerative forests, quality is certainly present in their product offerings and the company explains that finishes that are applied to almost every piece include the full process of "...hand sanding, filling, sealing, painting, distressing, antique ageing and final sealing." Of original age-old tradition that has been passed down through generations, The French Bedroom Company's products really are of the highest craftsmanship. Of equal dedication, should you wish to see wooden samples before any prospective purchase, simply ask and they will be able to help, whilst at the same time, also allow measurement margins of 'error' as no furniture design is identical given the nature of the manufacture. All very authentic if you ask SATORI & SCOUT.

Beyond the products and styles on offer, the company were named an official 'UK Cool Brand' for a fifth consecutive year in 2016, building upon its 'Best Bath & Bed Retailer' in 2013 and Highly Commended in the 'Best Online Furniture' in 2015, both of The Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards. Further awards are also listed in their biography, but need we say more to convince you that their designers really are styling some fantastic designs that are worth checking out?

Should you want to take a look at the products before you buy, The French Bedroom Company have a boutique showroom within their seven bedroom Grade II listed Victorian country house in West Sussex (UK).

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