The Hot Tub Of Nature's Simpleness

There's nothing quite like a relaxing soak in a tub full to the brim of hot water, whether accompanied with friends or part of your 'me' time. While hot tubs are without doubt a great addition to anyone's home, patio or community, often it is the case that they're expensive or assumed to be high maintenance. The Dutchtub by Weltevree is a fantastic design, low maintenance solution that has all SATORI & SCOUT's aspirational lifestyle bells ringing.

Minimalist yet luxurious and self-indulgent simultaneously, the Dutchtub works upon a simple concept. Wood-fired and via only natural circulation, the clever hot tub design really does re-introduce the original 'outdoor bathing' practices into any user's lives, and being made from strong, durable materials, the Dutchtub can be set up almost anywhere.

The cleverness of the Dutchtub against most conventional hot tubs is its simplicity in function. With the bowl - yes, literally like you're sat in a cooking pot - connected to an external fire basket, natural circulation of the heated water heats up the water contained within the bowl. Without any usage of electricity, the Dutchtub is a highly portable solution and can be positioned in your garden, inside or even at someone else's digs! Comfortably fitting up to four people, the Dutchtub is available in five different colours, and this low maintenance, low cost hot tub solution is certainly the ticket if you love the aspirational lifestyle like SATORI & SCOUT.

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