The Two Way Watering Pot and Flower Vase

A dual-purpose watering pot that is designed to be as functional as it is decorative in the home, this gardening essential has been designed by Aristotelis Barakos and provides two alternative watering ways. Offering a sprinkler-like stream for light watering on one side of its head and a spout on the other for a more thorough watering session, this pot can even also act as a vase for your favourite flowers when not being used.

Having different watering heads are often removable extras to watering cans, and the inconvenience of having to change them as you wander through your garden has been countered by Barakos' pot's double head. Helping to avoid no excessive water wastage or over-watering of delicate plants, the efficient system will certainly help you in your gardening needs. Perhaps more suitable for small scale urban dwellers with limited space - but then, SATORI & SCOUT also reckon the watering pot would be great should you also own a manor garden - , this can is really innovative.

As novel as the simple idea is, the added capability for the watering pot to become a sculptural vase and avoid needing to hide the apparatus out of sight, or waste any water upon watering completion, is really quite clever. Also with a fast grip for ease of changing between the sprinkler heads, the overall combination create a really cool addition to any home. Discover more about the designer at

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