Killwood Bike Rack Champions Pine Deforestation

There can be no argument for deforestation around the world having many negatives about it, but there are indeed some positives (in some cases), and new brand Killwood is aiming to make the most of the dismal situation. Canadian pine is very much blighted at the moment and Killwood - aptly named of course - from Vancouver is hoping to make a difference.

The mountain pine beetle has been causing all sorts of trouble of late and whilst measuring just 5mm, the small insect has certainly thrived on such climate change. As reports show, in British Columbia alone there are more than 18 million hectares (1.3 million worth of football fields equivalent) of forest being attacked, with current estimations showing unprecedented deforestation levels.

Strictly using only affected trees, the Killwood studio aims to always design and offer contemporary products that can also draw attention and do their bit towards the growing environmental issue. To begin proceedings, Killwood€™s first offering is 'bika', a modern wall bike-rack that has the function to accommodate a bike, a set of keys, and hold all manner of other small items. Elegant, simple and multi-functional, the bike rack really can proudly showcase your prized chariot within your home. As promised by Killwood, Bika is "...the only premium bike rack that features beautifully blue, CO2-offsetting pine beetle kill wood."

Whether you are perhaps a weekend biker or a hardcore cyclist, SATORI & SCOUT reckon Bika's blend of sustainability and contemporary design is universally understood and admired, and by using only sustainable practices and such upcycled waste materials, the brand is certainly rooted to genuine foundations.

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