Branch Your Coats Out With A Y-Rack

When coat racks get you excited and you're a designer you might think 'yeah okay', but when a coat rack gets non-designers that SATORI & SCOUT have asked more than hotly excited, we know its more like 'yeah, okay, wow, okay!'. Introducing perhaps the coolest coat rack ever designed (and by gosh we hope they have the patent), this modular design has been inspired by a most humble but useful object of utility, a Taiwanese outdoor clothing drying rack.

Designed by Hsin-Chun Wang and Ye Liu of HCWD Studio in New York (USA), the almost tree branch-like coat Y-Rack is a super refined object and has the ability to extend via the optional and customisable addition of Y-shape modules that go upward and outward. Using a simple system of shapes, connections and lines, all based upon the expansion of a single stable base and centre pole, the coat rack can really be something of unique design, whether you keep it simple for just one or two coats, expand it far and wide in equal directions to create a harmonious equilateral tree or expand it randomly to echo nature's finest form.

In addition to the floor version, the designers also offer a wall-mounted version of similar modular customisation. Really, no really, what is there not to love?

The designers are one of the 50 Young Professionals of Red Dot 2016, 2016 Best Designers/Best Design Studio from International Furniture Fair of Singapore and nominees of German Design Awards 2016. SATORI & SCOUT think they know their stuff. Launching on Kickstarter later this month, discover more about the Y-Rack at

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