The Super-Ergonomic CUP Chair

Have you ever looked at a chair and thought to yourself, they're actually such a good product design object. We mean, really, who'd have thought we'd take an object and make it strong enough to carry someone's weight but light enough for storage or repositioning at ease. An armchair designed by Konstantin Grcic, the CUP is perhaps SATORI & SCOUT's all-time favourite chair - which, admittedly, is a weird thing to say, but it's true; we look at this chair and think, yes, this really just works.

A seat that features an outer shell in either black or white, upholstery in a variety of colours and a metal structure in chrome or black powder coated, this chair has been designed in collaboration with Plank and inspired by the hard shell luggage that you see ubiquitous at an airport (who'd have thought?). Grcic explains, "As a traveller one has come to appreciate the benefits of plastic shell suitcases. They are extremely light and flexible, yet strong and good looking. suitcases made of thin vacuum- formed plastic sheets have revolutionized an entire product species."

Though the design seems somewhat common-sensical and almost basic, the featuring of an outer shell provides the chair with a certain geometry that would be otherwise unachievable, and its integral strength allows for added lightness. Entirely ergonomic by way of cushioned comfort and the shell's form, could this chair be the best addition to any lounge or casual area, as much as formal office and reception space? Multi-adaptive, huh?!

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Photography credit : Plank
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