Atrium House With An Abundance of Light

Absolutely advocates of the casual life - but not always so casual, high aspirations too - this glorious home in Totnes (UK) offers seamless views of the expansive countryside beyond and its haphazard design is really quite unique and refreshing.

SATORI & SCOUT certainly wouldn't mind owning this house, and certainly finds much inspiration of pushing our own home's next extension(s). Set high on the hills of the countryside, the home was originally designed by the award-winning architect Roger Hawkins and has been subject to various reworkings over the years. Titled 'Atrium House' by way of its entrance hall being its namesake, this home receives an abundance of light and such a feat is capitalised throughout the rest of the house by way of further expansive window spaces. A structural frame and with cladding made from Douglas Fir, this home achieves a certain cleanness x nomadic appeal, both accentuated by the home's up-and-down roofline (like the undulating hillside beyond).

Offering a main living space on the first floor (with said extensive glazing to frame the spectacular views perfectly), the openness continues into the dining room, kitchen and balcony beyond. With solid oak flooring on the inside, it almost feels as though you are living in a treehouse - a very large one at that. Upstairs you can find all the usual master bedrooms (6 of them to be precise), bathrooms, study et al. but what is most impressive is the glorious staircase that connects the two floors together. Entirely surrounded by glazing to all your sides and above, such a great feeling is felt as you transition from public to private, indoor to outdoor and back indoor again. Not designed in a way to boast superfluous features like, perhaps, marble flooring and oversized pieces of art, this home oozes taste and sophistication with its stripped back and nomadic appeal, not to mention its fantastic salmon pink / pastel pink wall colour. Discover more about the house and enquire online at:

Photography credit : The Modern House
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