Minimalist Trestle Sets The Bar High

We hope you agree with SATORI & SCOUT that the simplest of designs are often those hardest to conceive, and this trestle table is no different, in fact, rather beautiful. Designed for us modern nomads - yes, SATORI & SCOUT are some - by Daniel Schofield, this trestle table design has quick-build and deconstruction designed into its form to enable the easiest of multiple-space reconfigurations. Whether you're someone who moves about often, has a room that is multi-usage or perhaps enjoys the simplest of designs with the most beautiful of build structures, this trestle table is absolutely great in being that ever-reliable, ever-beautiful design. Light yet strong, this trestle is as perfect at being a trestle as it is being put to one side and stored away until next time.

With each trestle leg deceptively having two constituent parts, these are both held together by two aluminium rings that slide over the wooden members to keep them in place. Providing little more than a cork surface for the glass top (or whatever top you wish to use), this design really is that simple yet that well-conceived. Discover more about the design and designer online at:

Photography credit : Oskar Proctor
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